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Machine knives and wearing parts for the woodworking industry

Woodworking industry

NOMA Tools is a leading manufacturer of cutting tools and other wearing parts used in woodworking industry.

Many-year experience, continuous improvement of the production process and strict obeying the technological regime allow meeting high quality requirements of our customers.

We manufacture according to PN - EN ISO 9001 Standards.

We supply the cutting tools both to machines manufacturers and to end users. We produce, among other things:

  • flaker knife ring
  • flaker knives
  • chipper knives
  • veneer knives
  • plywood knives
  • veneer slicing knives
  • knife holder
  • knife segments
  • wear shoe
  • grooved ledge
  • screw for knife holder
  • packing rings
  • front ring
  • back ring
  • counter knife carrier
  • knife ledge
  • fastening ledge
  • wear plate
  • fastening plate
  • beater ledges
  • pressure lip
  • knives for mobile chippers, mobile shredders

We select steel grade and other parameters according to individual needs of user providing our knowledge and many-year experience.

We execute orders for untypical parts according to customers' technical documentation.


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Contact persons

Vaja Liluashvili
President of Management Board

e-mail: v.liluashvili@nomatools.pl
tel.: +48 32 32 409 99
fax: +48 32 32 409 98


Jacek Ziernicki
Managing Director

e-mail: jacek.ziernicki@nomatools.pl
tel.: +48 32 324 09 15
fax: +48 32 324 09 42
mobile: +48 502 147 311

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